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I live a busy life and have limited availability only so the earlier you send that booking request, the higher are the chances for us to meet :) 

I prefer dinner dates until around midnight, encounters after 12 am are considered overnight dates.

Besprechung buchen
Quiet Desk


Please use my contact form to reach out to me or if you have any unanswered questions, don't hesitate to write me

an email (  

When you introduce yourself, I don't expect you to write a novel.

Yet, I would appreciate a few details about yourself - just enough to make an idea about our compatibility. 


I am passport ready and would love to be your travel companion! I am also available for  fly - me - to - you dates and happy to accompany you on your business trips. To ensure I remain my cheerful disposition on extended dates and travels, I appreciate eight hours of beauty rest per night and suggest to have some me - time on longer trips. 

Fliegendes Flugzeug


To confirm each rendezvous, I require a small deposit, to ensure your serious intentions. When you contact me, please have an understanding that a 30% deposit is needed to secure short encounters and a 50% deposit for overnights and 24 hours.

For FMTY dates, business / 1st class flight tickets plus a 50% deposit are expected. 

Since I'm not meeting many gentlemen each month and I'm making time for YOU, I'm sure you'll understand that deposits              are non - refundable.                    

Schwarz-Weiß-Porträt von Freunden


I am genuinely bisexual and enjoy meeting up with couples, creating an unforgettable and lustful experience together.

Please add an additional 500€ on top of my rate for this experience. 

Also I'm very much into duo dates with other girls and have a few girlfriends I would be happy to invite. Just let me know if you're interested and I will send you a few options. 

If you have someone else in mind, feel free to send me the link of the other high class companion you'd like to have a threesome with. 

Please do not just invite another girl without asking me before.

Schwarz-Weiß-Porträt von Freunden


When we meet, please have the contribution for my companionship placed in an unsealed envelope and always present it at the beginning of our meeting.

If we meet in public, set the unsealed envelope inside a magazine / book or gift bag and once we get together, pass it to me discreetly.

The compensation for my time and companionship are not subject to negotiation. Anything resembling negotiation is considered a sign of disrespect and the invitation is declined or terminated. 


You can expect a lovely groomed lady with minty breath and wearing a friendly smile every time we meet. I expect the same from you so we can fully enjoy one another. Please make sure to take a proper shower, shave and brush your teeth just before our encounter.

My health is a priority to me and I am well informed on safe intimacy practices. I also visit a private clinic every three months

for a full sexual health screening. Please note: we will not be doing anything that might compromise either of our health or safety and under no circumstance is unprotected sex allowed. 

Pedikürte Füße


I only meet a few gentlemen per month and do everything to ensure that we will both have an amazing experience together.

Part of this is to be discreet, that being said, I do not meet anonymous people for my own safety and peace of mind. If screening is a deal breaker for you, please don't contact me.


 If during our date you decide that you just can't get enough of my sensual kisses and endless long legs, and would like to extend, I will be happy to do so if I'm having a pleasurable time in your company and my schedule allows it.

The rate for in-date extensions is 300€ per hour and to hand me right away and not at the end. 

Paar Füße im Bett


I understand that some circumstances can change and you may need to cancel our date. However, please be considerate of my time as I'll always be considerate of yours!        

If you cancel at least 5 days in advance, your deposit is safe and can be used for a rescheduled date within the following 30 days. I'm afraid that if you cancel in less than 5 days before our date, your deposit will be forfeited.

If something unavoidable occurs and I find myself in the unfortunate situation to cancel our date, I will refund your deposit in full and

help you find another genuine and sensual lady who can join you.

If you wish to wait until I can retake our date, I will make you my sweet and first priority. 



First of all I want to say that gifts are never expected but if you are a big sweetheart and want to spoil me - thank you in advance, it will be very much appreciated. 🥰

Of course you don't have time to run through the city or maybe you are simply not sure if I would actually like your surprise. For those reasons I made a wishlist with my current favorites. 

Wrapped Geschenk
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