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S O P H I E ' S   W I S H L I S T 

Every girl loves to be treated like a princess - so do I, always delighted to be surprised with a thoughtful gift, although

that's never expected.

You can find my up to date wishlist here:  MY WISHLIST 💕

(Gift Vouchers can always be send to my email address:

In general...


I would say I'm not a materialistic person but there are many things, which are nice to have and simply make

you look and feel good when walking down the street - they literally let you shine. After all, my biggest materialistic wish,

is to have the house / apartment of my dreams in the near future  -  that's what I'm saving most of my money for.

I've made a special jar where I put all my tips in - never taking anything out of it. 

No matter if and what gift you might surprise me with - I appreciate every thought,

every kind word,  everything coming from your heart. 


Thank you so much!  

xxx  Sophie 

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